New Logo

In the summer of 2017, while photographing and observing several green sea turtles in shallow waters, I suddenly felt a scraping and pinching on his back. Immediately I knew what it was as I remained calm and resisted the urge to move until the sea turtle released it's grip. Amused, I turned around to see a large female turtle floating in the water, staring up at me. 

After exiting the water, I had my daughter photograph the bite since it was on my back and I couldn't see it. After viewing the image, I knew right a away that this curious sea turtle had just given me inspiration for my new logo. 

The logo is the outline of the bite, and the colors of the logo and title font are based on actual green sea turtle colors when they are resting out of water. 

New Hawaii Opportunity

A recent visit to Hawaii to photograph sea life for future art inspiration also resulted in a new gallery opportunity on the Big Island of Hawaii. The gallery is located in Kona. My new line of print work and note cards was well received by all of the stores that carry my art. As a matter of fact, by the time I got back to California, one store was already requesting that I send more, because they sold out of two themes. 

My original fine art has also been doing well at Halele'a Gallery in Hanalei and Poipu. I sent them three sea turtles and one whale fluke last week, and within days one of the sea turtles had sold. The owner believes the sea turtles are going to be a hit!


Upcoming Show

Don't miss the John Baran Art 1st Thursday event on April 2nd at the Ca'Dario Gallery located at 31 East Victoria Street. For the first time in Santa Barbara, I will be exhibiting my abstract art and animal art in one location. Food and drink provided by Ca'Dario restaurant.

Date: April 2nd
Time: 5-8 PM
Location: 31 E. Victoria Street

As Seen on TV!

This week the TV show 'Hawaii Five-O' purchased 'Rhinos on the Plain' and 'Hitching a Ride' for one of their sets. Very exciting news, since I just started selling my art on the Islands last month.

Also, my show date has been announced to the Santa Barbara Zoo. Opening night is July 1st. It is a three month exhibition. All works for sale are inspired by the actual animals at the Zoo. More details to come.

Texas and Island Fever

John Baran Animal Art is slowly spreading across the US. In Novemeber, Revival, in Austin, Texas, started carrying both limited and open edition prints on wood. Then, in December, I was fortunate to land in three stores on the Island of Oahu. So far sales have been good there, and they are already asking me to ship more. Which leads me to believe another trip (this time to Maui and The Big Island), are in store very soon!

Exciting Developments

I am currently in talks with the Santa Barbara Zoo about a show in their new Discovery Pavilion. Each year they have four animal themed art shows in the Pavillion. My show is tentatively scheduled for July-September, 2015.

The show would of course be animal themed, and the subjects will be the actual animals at the zoo. There will be large format originals, as well as smaller limited edition prints. Once I meet with them about the number of pieces they need to fill the walls, I will get to work!


Things Are Moving Fast!

I am excited to announce that several John Baran Animal Art images were licensed by not one, but two different online distributors last month. Production of select images on printed on wood and printed on wood as clocks will begin immediately. Production of select images on canvas and chalkboards, yes, chalkboards, will take place in January.

These products will be available mostly as wholesale to larger distributors, but I will have the opportunity to sell them to the public as well, via my website or Etsy. Some will also be available through Plum Goods Store in Santa Barbara.

More information coming soon...

New Wood Prints are In

I picked up my largest order yet of wood prints, and they look amazing. Several are on their way to Peanuts Children Store on Figueroa St. in Santa Barbara, but all are for sale and available online!

Sea Turtles and Zoo News

'Sea Turtle 1.0' has just been added as a print available as both giclee and wood. I have been intending to complete one for a while now. On my recent trip to South Carolina, a buyer asked if I had any turtles, so I obliged. She is going to be the first proud owner of a 16" x 20" giclee.

As for the 2014 Zoofari Ball Fundraiser at the Santa Barbara Zoo this past Saturday, three John Baran Animal art donations brought in close to $1000!

Sea Turtle 1.0


It's almost time to go to the zoo again to sketch some animals in real life. I found these ( photos recently of my daughter and I. We have spent plenty of time getting up close and personal with animals, even though sometimes she didn't know it!

Speaking of zoos, the Santa Barbara Zoo is having it's annual Zoofari Ball Fundraiser. John Baran Animal Art, along with Color Services of Santa Barbara and Caruso Woods Frame Shop have donated a 24" x 36" framed giclee print of Audrey and Dane, the two newest Masai giraffes, born last year.



New Animals

Get ready for the invasion of domestic animals. PIgs and and a rooster are almost on the way to the printers, and cows and horses are not far behind...

Top selling prints this week were Solo Matriarch, Big Sister is Watching and Aloha Breach.

Grand Opening June 29, 2014!

What started out as four simple drawings as a gift to my daughter for Christmas 2013 has turned into a full eCommerce website. I have had a wonderful time creating these works of art, and I hope you enjoy them. There are many more to come, and a lot of you have made great suggestions on which animals to try next. The list seems endless!

I have a special 24-hour sale starting right now, so if you see something you like now is the time to buy. I know it's summer but before you know it, Christmas will be here!

In addition to the sale prices, over the next seven days I am donating 5% of all sales of elephant giclee and wood prints to the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust.

You can also help me by forwarding this email to anyone you feel may be interested. Or share it on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Thank you in advance.



To Do List

Here is a list of animal suggestions from the public. Please feel free to add to it and I will let you know when they become finished products for sale.

Sea Turtle
Tarantula (ha ha!)
Maned Wolf